Click on the links below for advice and information on how to build more sustainable homes.

Smarter Homes This website is an excellent resource on sustainable homes. We highly recommend you and your clients visit this site to get a better understanding of sustainable home products and features.

ENERGYWISE The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) has developed this site to provide practical information and advice on energy efficiency. The site also includes a number of government funded incentives for home insulation and efficient home and water heating systems.

LEVELThis website has been developed for the construction industry by BRANZ to help you design and build more sustainable homes.

Housing NZ Design GuidesThese design guides describe Housing New Zealand's design and build process from start to finish, making them an indispensable guide for anyone working or thinking about working on affordable housing projects.

Eco Design Advisors This is an initiative from BRANZ and offered by selected councils around NZ. Eco Design Advisors are specialists who can provide FREE energy, water and material related advice on home building projects, to ensure better use of resources.

Homestar - Residential rating tool - Homestar is a voluntary residential rating tool that evaluates the environmental attributes of New Zealand's stand alone residential homes.