Darrin - ITM CEO

As a member of the ITM network, the one thing you can count on is support, because it's a core principle on which the Independent Timber Merchant Cooperative Ltd was founded.

Support includes providing your business with the benefits of buying as a group and sharing marketing opportunities in the building supplies and hardware trade.

Some of the key benefits you'll enjoy:

  • Networking: The sharing of information, products and ideas is one of the greatest resources available to ITM members. Ideas that help improve the profitability of one store are shared among all the members so that, if it suits, other store owners can put in place the same strategy.

  • Buying power: With 90 ITM stores nationwide, the ITM network enjoys buying power and rebate structures that are equal to and sometimes better than competing corporate retailers. Collective negotiations allow members access to products they would not be able to purchase as independents.
  • Supplier support: A co-operative approach to purchasing ensures an increasing level of recognition and support from suppliers.
  • Training: There are few issues more important to the ITM philosophy than staff training. ITM has developed an extensive training structure to assist with improving your employees' specialist knowledge and expertise.
  • Marketing power: multi-million dollar marketing, advertising, promotions and sponsorship programme co-ordinated by the ITM Support Office ensures that ITM is always top of mind.
  • Incentives: The Priority Card for the Serious DIY customer, Trade Club's flexible rewards programme for Trade customers add to the mix and help ITM stores become more successful.