The history of ITM isn't long and complicated and it isn't a product of leveraged corporate takeovers or anything else you hear about these days.

Back in 1991, a group of six New Zealanders, with wide experience in the building supplies industry, formed the board of the ITM Cooperative Society in the belief that independently owned businesses could not only survive, but thrive when they combined their efforts.

While ITM started in the top of the North Island, the formula proved so successful that the network soon spread throughout the country.

As well as the advantages of stronger buying power and increased marketing resource, the ITM board's initial focus also included a passionate commitment to consistency in quality, service and integrity throughout the network.

All ITM stores are independently owned and operated by people with long experience in the industry. They know the building business inside out and their success is totally dependent on having happy customers, so they really do go the extra mile.