Triplicate Book

What about all the paperwork?

Did you know that ALL residential projects consented as of 1st March 2012 require a record of building work? And that means a copy for the homeowner, the council and yourself!

Keeping track of all of the paperwork can be a problem. ITM wants to make your life easier. This is why we have created the "ITM LBP Triplicate Book"

Triple your speed in getting the paperwork done with this easy to use book. Each book holds 25 jobs.

These are available in hardcopy at your local ITM so drop in today!

Download an electronic version for free by clicking here

Some of the features of this Triplicate Book are:

  • Colour coded - Green for BuildersYellow for Home Owners and White for Council
  • Simple form with all required fields meaning you never miss critical information
  • If you get a hardcopy version you only need to write this out once and you have a copy for your records, a copy ready to give to the homeowner and a copy ready to be sent to the council
  • EVERY LBP needs to complete a memorandum - even if working on the same parts of the building - this form makes sure your information is consistent and accurate

Triplicate Pages