BRANZ Maintenance Schedule

- At the end of a build builders must provide info on insurances and maintenance.
- MBIE are recommending builders use BRANZ Maintenance schedule.
- BRANZ are providing this maintenance tool for free. 

Maintenance Schedule free to builders

BRANZ Maintenance Schedule is now available as a free web-based tool that allows you to simply select the materials and finishes used in a building via dropdown boxes. With its enhanced features, the tool creates a professional maintenance schedule for a new or renovated home which can be supplied to clients or local authorities.

  • Record in one handy place all materials used in a building
  • Give your clients a comprehensive maintenance guide

Go to: or call the BRANZ technical helpline on 0800 80 80 85

Example of the BRANZ Maintenance Schedule

BRANZ Maintenance Schedule Thumb

Click here to download an example of the BRANZ Maintenance Schedule

This comprehensive example is an actual output of the Maintenance Schedule tool that has been run on a test case.

It shows you the level of detail contained in this document and how practical and useful this information is.


See it in action

Check out a video from BRANZ walking you through the use of the Maintenance Schedule Tool