ITM LBP Programme

That's right - ITM are here to help you manage your LBP points. If you have an ITM Trade Diary you will find 2 pages in here where you can record all of the training and skills maintenance you have completed.  

Read the below notice on how the Skills Maintenance Framework will operate. This will help you ensure that you are keeping accurate records.

Skills Maintenance Framework Information

The Licensed Building Practitioners (LBP) scheme was established to assess practitioners as having the right skills and knowledge for the design and/or building work they do.

Every two years when they relicense, LBPs need to show the Registrar of Licensed Building Practitioners that they are keeping competent. This is called Skills Maintenance.

The current Skills Maintenance framework is based on the system of '1 hour = 1 point'. LBPs can claim points for any training or learning activity they undertake, provided it relates to their licence. 

The New Zealand public needs to have confidence in the LBP scheme. With this in mind, the Skills Maintenance Framework has been reviewed to ensure that when LBPs renew their licence, the registrat has reliable evidence that they are currently competent. Going forward, changes will include:

  1. A shift in focus to what was learned; LBPs will be asked to record what Skills Maintenance activities they did and what they learnt from them.
  2. There will be four general categories of learning: Technical Skills and Knowledge; Regulatory Knowledge; Workplace Safety; and Professional Development. LBPs will have to show evidence of at least one learning activity in each general category.
  3. LBPs will be able to claim "on-the-job" learning, provided they can explain what and how it was learnt. 
Over the next year, MBIE will be providing information on these and other changes, so LBPs will have plenty of time to become familiar with the new requirements before they become mandatory.
LBPs are encouraged to check their details on the public register. Providing the registrar with an email address is the best way to keep up to date with changes as they occur.

ITM LBP Points Tracking Sheet

To make things really simple you can download a copy of this tracking sheet - print it out and you will have a simple list of your LBP points activities.

This is what it looks like: 

It is also included in the 2015 ITM Diary so if you have a copy of that look for it near the front. 

LBP Tracker 2015